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Home Solutions Initiative enables you to rid yourself of all mortgage debt & secure the option to stay in your home. It gives you security, flexibility & freedom. What’s more, we guarantee complete confidentiality every step of the way.

Home for Life, Arizun and Everyday will be working together to make sure every borrower is made aware of their options under each of their respective programmes. We suggest you take a look at the brief description of each HSI member on the HSI website and contact the member you feel may best suite your needs. Each member will engage directly with you to understand your circumstances and find the solution that best suits the specifics of your case. If that solution is best provided by another member, with your permission, they will hand-off the conversation to their consortium partner who can pick up right where they left off. It is by working together and directly with each customer that HSI can make sure you are offered the solution that best suits your needs.  You will always be provided with enough information and time to make an informed and considered decision.


Founded in Galway in 1976 and acquired by Link Financial Group in 2016, Everyday Finance DAC are an Irish Retail Credit Firm regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Licensed as a Retail Credit and Credit Servicing Firm by the CBI, Everyday is subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection (Regulation of Credit Servicing Firms) Act 2018 and ensures that effective internal controls are in place to ensure compliance with all aspects of applicable legislation and other regulatory requirements.

Everyday is an expert and ethical servicer fully compliant with the CBI’s Codes of Conduct, including the Code of Conduct for Mortgage Arrears and the Consumer Protection Code 2012, is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner and is aligned to the Central Credit Register.

Everyday has a long track record of purchasing and servicing both secured and unsecured consumer and commercial loan portfolios and has built up a strong reputation within the Irish marketplace for credit expertise and loan servicing. Everyday has deep expertise across the credit spectrum and the capability to acquire and manage consumer loans and mortgages. Everyday’s highly skilled and experienced staff members have a proven track record in reaching solutions on a consensual basis.

Home For Life

Home for Life are an Irish owned, managed and registered company authorised by the Minister of Housing, Local Government and Heritage to operate the Mortgage to Rent (MTR) scheme.  Home for Life aims to keep distressed mortgage holders in their current homes free of mortgage debt.  Home For Life supports homeowners who are unable and are unlikely to be able to make their mortgage payments in availing of the Mortgage to Rent scheme, supporting them throughout the MTR process, including engagement with the Local Authority. On completion of the process the customer will retain the right to remain in their home mortgage debt free and Home For Life take responsibility for the routine maintenance and upgrading of the property.

The Mortgage to Rent (MTR) scheme is a government scheme to help homeowners who are unable to meet their mortgage repayments and as a result are at risk of losing their homes due to mortgage arrears. It allows homeowners in mortgage difficulty to switch from owning their home to renting their home as social housing tenants. You will no longer own your home, but you will continue to live there as a tenant of your Local Authority paying an affordable income-related rent set by the local authority. Your lease with the local authority is a long term secure lease so you can have peace of mind that you can remain in your home, long term and mortgage debt free. The scheme is overseen by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and is administered by the Housing Agency.

  • Your mortgage debt will be written off in its entirety 
  • You will have peace of mind 
  • You will continue to live in your own home with no disruption to your family
  • The rent you pay the local authority is based on your ability to pay, so you will be able to afford it. If your income reduces your rent will reduce as well to ensure it remains affordable.
  • You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the house, Home for Life looks after that in line with your tenancy agreement 
  • You will have the option to buy back your home if your situation improves 
  • Home for Life will buy your home from your lender 
  • You will remain in your home and become a long term tenant of your Local Authority 
  • You will pay them a rent based on your affordability 
  • If your situation changes, you can buy your house back. 
  • Any works required to bring the home to the required standard will be taken care of by Home for Life, including new appliances.   Ongoing repairs to the property will also become the responsibility of Home for Life in line with your tenancy agreement.  

Everyday as Your Lender

It’s your lender’s job to explain the Mortgage to Rent Scheme to you.  Everyday has decided to work with Home for Life to deliver Mortgage to Rent to its eligible customers and will assist you in your application for inclusion in the scheme.


Your Local Authority

It’s their job to assess your household to see if you qualify for social housing support. You will become a tenant of the local authority and you will pay them an income related affordable rent.


The Buyers of the Property

Home for life will buy your home from your lender.  They will maintain the property as set out in the lease/tenancy agreement.  


The Housing Agency

The Housing Agency oversees the Mortgage to Rent Scheme to help it run efficiently.  All stakeholders (i.e., Everyday, local authority, Home for Life and the Housing Agency) have agreed to a Protocol, in which they agree to work together to help bring applications to a successful conclusion.

Reaching the decision to give up ownership of your home is not an easy decision and care must be taken to ensure that it is the right decision for you and your family. You must take independent legal and financial advice in order to make an informed decision. The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) will assist you in obtaining relevant independent advice through the Abhaile service. MABS may be contacted by telephoning 0761 07 2000 from 9am to 8pm Monday-Friday.It is strongly encouraged that anybody considering the Mortgage to Rent Scheme finds out the full details of the scheme which is available from a Government hosted website ( and ensures that they understand the scheme fully. Home for Life are also available to answer any questions or queries.

Home for Life will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the property as set out in your tenancy agreement. Properties made available for social housing purposes must meet private rental standards. Where properties do not meet these standards, Home for Life will arrange to have the necessary works undertaken at its own cost as soon as possible after the completion of the MTR process.
You do not have to make the final decision to accept MTR until you are issued with the Final Letter of Offer which will contain all the information that you will require to get independent financial and legal advice to help you make an informed decision. The MTR process includes a ‘cooling off’ period following the return of the signed letter to your lender in case you change your mind.
If the other party to the loan is willing to sign the Voluntary Surrender form allowing for the transfer of the property to the lender for sale, then yes you may be eligible for MTR.
You will need to ensure that the title to the property is available to you to allow for the sale of the property under the MTR scheme. You may need to go through the legal system for this.
Yes, once you adhere to the requirements of your tenancy agreement. However, it should be noted that if your income increases you will be required to pay an increased rent to your local authority.
Yes, a Personal Insolvency Practitioner (PIP) may suggest MTR as a solution under an insolvency arrangement. More details on personal insolvency can be obtained on
Yes, a Personal Insolvency Practitioner (PIP) may suggest MTR as a solution under an insolvency arrangement. More details on personal insolvency can be obtained on


Arizun is an Irish company which provides ethical StayInYourHome solutions, all previously unavailable, for many of the families in mortgage arrears and facing repossession. StayInYourHome has a range of solutions for all those who don’t qualify for Mortgage To Rent including a rent–to–buyback Private Rental Scheme, rental schemes with government assistance and positive–equity solutions.  Arizun Adapt is a programme also designed to keep people in their homes which is tailored and suitable for special situations.  All the Arizun solutions are designed to get rid of your mortgage debt and allow you to stay in your home.  No one is left behind. Visit us at
The Arizun StayInYourHome solution is a Private Rental Scheme (PRS) specifically designed to help customers in deep mortgage arrears which they are unable to pay off. Especially if they earn enough money to meet their day to day needs and don’t qualify for the government sponsored MTR scheme because of income or other reasons. The Arizun Stay In Your Home solution addresses serious problems which affect over 20,000 families in Ireland and which nobody else is solving.
No, in fact, the Arizun StayInYourHome solution is specifically for those who are in mortgage arrears but who do not qualify for the MTR scheme.
No, negative equity is not a prerequisite for entering into the Arizun StayInYourHome solution.
Absolutely not. We take all the stress out of that situation for our clients. You will deal with Arizun and we will deal with your lender or loan holder on your behalf.

Under Arizun’s solutions the borrower will be granted debt relief and will sign their property title over to Arizun, this will allow customers to walk away mortgage debt-free without having to rent the house, if they choose. This is a solution the banks do not offer and may be attractive to people who want to make a completely fresh start in Ireland or elsewhere.

Your StayInYourHome rent is based on the current market value of the house. In many cases this will compare favourably to your mortgage payment, which is likely based on the historic cost of the house and the accumulation of arrears. In addition, if you qualify for housing support, (e.g. Housing Assistance Payment (HAP)) Arizun will help you secure this benefit to assist in payment of rent.

The Arizun StayInYourHome programme bases the rent on the value of the house and comparable rental properties in the area, your rent will not increase by more than 4% per year and will not exceed local comparable rents.

The lease is a 6-year rollover lease which will be extended as long as the tenants wish to rent.  Customers experiencing difficulty may qualify for either MTR or HAP (Housing Assistance Payments) and Arizun will work with customers and the local authorities to assist our clients in securing any available or other available government support.  The lease provides all tenancy protections in line with Residential Tenancies Board standards and Irish tenancy legislation.

Customers experiencing difficulty may qualify for either MTR or HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) and Arizun will work with customers and the authorities to assist our customers in securing government support.
Yes, the lease provides all tenancy protections in line with Residential Tenancies Board standards and Irish tenancy legislation. The usual notice periods will apply for ending a tenancy. Customers are free to serve notice to end their tenancy at any time. For its part, Arizun hopes you will remain as a tenant and will honour the long term nature of the lease.

As landlord, Arizun takes its responsibilities seriously, adhering to all legal responsibilities for a landlord set out in the Residential tenancies legislation and guidance issued by the residential tenancies board and Arizun will take care of all major maintenance issues, with the tenant being responsible for white goods and internal upkeep of their home.

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